B/TV: FIX’D UP – Daniel Padilla Hair Tutorial

Directed & Edited by Jake Jereza and Bardo Wu Modeled by Patrik Franksson of IM Agency Manila From Lee Min Ho to the 1D boys, it seems the bolder your hair, the bigger your star. While you have neither a great marketing team or the fame that follows from such, head-turning hair is a good […]

KathNiel Paperdoll Costume Party!

Beyond all its treats (cocktails over candy bars nowadays, come on), the fact that we experience them all in costume makes Halloween so great. But because we are trying to be mature, responsible folk, we don’t always get so freaky come the 31st. Staying home and feeling like superstars is just as satisfying. What better […]

Lessons in Body Language

A body talks loud and clear when it’s stripped of its layers. Advocating bodily self-expression, BENCH launches the #BenchBodyLanguage campaign on Instagram. To kick off (rather, heat up) the hashtag, B/BLOG captured a few fine specimens fluent in body language. Whether it’s cookie crafter Kate Bautista’s declaration of hunger or Aussie footballer Evan Spargo’s ballsy […]


What’s happening out there is enough to freak you out. With planes disappearing, viruses spreading, and Russian leaders dictating hatred, you might as well stay in bed and proclaim yourself dead to the world. Bummed out by the human race, B/BLOG decided to declare death to its complexity. What we’re celebrating: a new monster minimalism […]

Boom, Shake, Body Rock!

Don’t the “ber” months make you want to get a move on? To inspire us into a real groove, B/BLOG got dancers Bea Vega, Paolo Zulueta, Kai Cruzado, and Bench Manalo to break out a few moves. With 2014 marking the 30th anniversary of Run-DMC’s debut album, we pressed play and got this street cred-packing crew […]

THE NAKED TRUTH, STRIPPED: Exclusive Backstage Photos & Interviews

While everyone seems to have an opinion about the Naked Truth, only its bearers have the body of evidence. To dig up the reality behind the glitz, B/BLOG sent photographer JL Javier backstage to capture the show stripped and vulnerable moments before the onset of thumping house and the gleam of overhead lights. We also got […]

The First Time We Didn’t Meet

In a city so small, it’s a wonder how we can still overlook the one thing we’re looking for. In this B/BLOG story of missed connections, rising model Elena Ortega and musical dynamo Rez Toledo (the artist formerly known as Somedaydream) play ideal mates who just barely intersect. Amid the distraction of technology and the […]

Outtakes from “Into the Blue,” Benchmark September Issue

Impressive structures require a sturdy foundation. To anchor the couture pieces of an ambitious crop of designers, renegade stylist Andre Chang used BENCH Body underwear as a strong base. In “Into the Blue,” a fashion editorial in BENCHMARK’s September issue, these bold undergarments provide a proper canvas for the designers’ grand style statements. Evidently, Chang and designers […]

B/TV: Fix’d Up – Lee Min Ho Hair Tutorial

Rather than get a tattoo of a screen idol or pop star, stealing their style is the easiest, least binding way to show your love. You’ll never reach the height of Lee Min Ho’s fame, but you can reach the height of his hair. Collaborating with Studio FIX by celebrity hairstylist Alex Carbonell, B/BLOG launched […]

B/TV: “6200: Mission Possible” – Compassion Over Clothing

In making quality clothing accessible to the Filipino people, BENCH knows how important it is to provide a person’s basic needs. Since Yolanda struck last year, devastated areas such as Ormoc City have sought aid more lasting than just food, drink, and shelter. Fishermen who lost their boats during the typhoon have lost the means […]