20 Questions With Carlos and Hannah of Human

Two newcomers from Human’s newest campaign answer the famous Proust questionnaire. The fresh faces of Human’s Adventure is Out There campaign are new, but they feel familiar. Bringing to life the spirit of the escapade are Javy Cang, Kim Cruz, Luigi Pumaren, Carlos Laurel, and Hannah Locsin, five new names that rose to fame with […]


Photography by Beatrice Faicol Interviews by George Evan Dungca You could feel the rush of a New York minute at the launch of designer Rafe Totengco’s capsule collection for BENCH. Covering the runway and walls of the Bench Tower Basement were the successive stripes of countless pedestrian lanes, overwhelming enough to become hypnotic. Rafe Totengco […]

B/SEEN: Mauro Lumba

  With the sun showing off its rays more often, B/BLOG has spotted some equally hot personalities out and about. Kind enough not to keep his body indoors is Mauro Lumba, winner of last year’s Century Superbods competition. Besides appropriate sun exposure, Mauro’s been exposed more to the spotlight these days as an actor for […]

B/SEEN: Model On-the-Go Vlad Pelikh

  With the sun beating down and drivers honking away, walking city streets isn’t the most ideal form of commute. But had we not been on foot while making our way through BGC, B/BLOG wouldn’t have spotted a traffic-alleviating hottie like Vladimir Pelikh. Showing off street stud summer essentials like a backwards cap and faded-pattern […]

B/SEEN: Stache Fashion Editor & Stylist Ecks Abitona

Words by Margarita Buenaventura There’s a reason why it’s a cliché, because it’s true: styling isn’t as glamorous as it seems. Pulling clothes out of stores, lugging them around, and dressing fussy models, all to pay homage to the altar of style? No walk in the park. Ecks Abitona may be no veteran yet, but […]

B/SEEN: Scout Editor Cai Subijano

To keep a pulse on the youth, Scout editor Cai Subijano needs to keep an ear to the streets. Chronicling all manners of young independence, from a portfolio of wunderkind cinema folk to a think piece on selfies, Cai dresses up to pound major pavement. For days that can take her from high school shoot, […]

B/SEEN: #BenchMovieContest Winner Krib Baltazar

If you aren’t still living life with flavor months after summer, you’ve missed the point of BENCH’s recent slogan. One guy we aren’t worried about in the carpe diem department is Krib Baltazar. The Aeronautical Engineering student gave @benchtm followers major FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) with his entry to our end-of-summer movie contest. Demonstrating […]