When the sun goes down: a peek at the making of #BenchUnderTheStars

Photography by Kitkat Pajaro The behind-the-scenes look you’ve been waiting for. You’ve seen campaign, the videos, the billboards on Guadalupe. It’s official: the Bench 30th Anniversary Fashion Show is here. Get ready to breathe in countless muscled bodies, svelte curves, and piercing stares down the runway. Can you handle it? It’s certainly going to be […]

Nope, you’re not dreaming: Cole Sprouse is the newest #GlobalBenchSetter

The brooding actor is the newest #GlobalBenchSetter. Being a celebrity in today’s age has become a different ball game. More and more are getting known for the following they command rather than the talents they posses or the craft they’ve honed and express themselves with. In the social media race, being known as an artist […]

#BenchHeritage: A primer on 30 great years

It’s a story for the ages.  For most of us who grew up in the 90s and 2000s, we will remember growing up with Bench. It was a staple in every teenage Filipino’s wardrobe, providing everyday staples and becoming a mainstay at every mall and billboard. Before we knew it, Bench had become a mega […]

October Horoscope: Here’s how to dress up for the Libra season

Our fave p*tastrologers from Twitter give us their fearless forecast for the Halloween season. Phew, where did the time go? 2017 has felt like a very long year, chock-full of catastrophes natural and manmade, and an ever-maddening news cycle that’s left many of us feeling stripped of hope. October comes at an odd juncture of […]