In the Clutch

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All clothes by BENCH
Photography by Shaira Luna
Styling by Carla Villanueva
Grooming by Byron Velasquez
Modeled by Ernie Miranda of Elite Manila
Special thanks to Raymond Ang

As vehicles used for surveillance, escape, or a deathly drive-by, cars in film certainly give us a rush. Inspired by Gosling in Drive and McQueen in The Getaway, certified pilot and erstwhile racer Ernie Miranda turns out top-gear thrills in this series shot by Shaira Luna.

A garage becomes the suspenseful setting for a dicey deal made, where Ernie plays a wrench-wielding anti-hero looking hardy in workwear from BENCH. With high stakes amid the glare of headlights, we can only hope our handsome driver doesn’t crash head-on into danger.


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Lessons in Body Language
Bench/ EDITED – Fashion Film Super-Post