Nope, you’re not dreaming: Cole Sprouse is the newest #GlobalBenchSetter

The brooding actor is the newest #GlobalBenchSetter.

Being a celebrity in today’s age has become a different ball game. More and more are getting known for the following they command rather than the talents they posses or the craft they’ve honed and express themselves with. In the social media race, being known as an artist is only second to being known as an #influencer.

Cole Sprouse is one of a very few exceptions. In recent years the actor has come into his own, not only gaining prominence through his performances as an actor, but as an artist as well. Even though he started as a child star, Cole and his twin brother Dylan slipped away from the limelight to attend college at NYU. This allowed Cole to really set himself apart once he got back into the Hollywood game, taking up Archaeology in college and developing a keen eye for photography on the side.

Now that he’s back swinging in the spotlight, it was the perfect time for Cole to join the BENCH/ family as one of its Global Benchsetters. But he hasn’t let go of his artistry: even with his personal style, he sees the artistic value of fashion. “Even when it’s casual, it’s [about] you giving an impression to your environment,” he says. And when asked to describe his personal style, he threads together the perfect phrase: “Me putting unleaded fuel into a truck.” Well, ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.

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