Coming of Age


On Sandra: Jacket & dress by BENCH I On Emil: T-shirt by CottonOn I Pants by BENCH.
Photography by Shaira Luna
Hair & Makeup by Sari Campos
Styling by Ria Casco
Art by Ina Jacobe
Models: Sandra & Emil of IM Modeling Management, Inc.
Produced by Paolo Lorenzana

With the freedom summer brings, anything is possible. The second part of B/BLOG’s “Stories of Summer” shows an unlikely coupling during the summer break.

At a vacation town’s pier, Emil spots Sandra, an incoming senior at the school where he’s just wrapped up his freshman year. Getting close to the older girl proves a challenge, especially since she won’t give up her name. Back in B.High, she would never go for a guy from a lower grade but Emil isn’t easy to shake off and she decides that hanging with him beats dying of boredom with her parents.

As the summer rolls on, the two spend their days on the boardwalk, trade stories under the bleachers, and wile the time away over sodas at the mini-mart. She likes him but it could never work. Before she heads home and the sun goes down on their sweet summer fling, Sandra leaves him a memento.

SAM_4718 copy

Shirt & shorts by BENCH I Shoes by Rivieras at BENCH

SAM_4737 copy

Top & skirt by HerBENCH I Shoes by ALDO

SAM_4744 copy

On Emil: Shirt by BENCH I On Sandra: Top & skirt by HerBENCH

Summer03 copy

SAM_4774 copy

SAM_4777 copy

SAM_4788 copy

On Sandra: Jacket by BENCH I Dress by CottonOn. On Emil: T-shirt by CottonOn I Pants by BENCH I Shoes by Rivieras at BENCH

SAM_4804 copy

SAM_4812 copy

SAM_4842 copy

Summer06 copy

Summer07 copy


SAM_4880 copy

On Emil: Shirt & pants by BENCH. On Sandra: Dress by HerBench

SAM_4901 copy

SAM_4967 copy

Summer10 copy

SAM_4918 copy

On Emil: T-shirt & pants by BENCH I Shoes by ALDO. On Sandra: Top & pants by HerBench I Shoes by ALDO.

SAM_4915 copy

SAM_4940 copy

SAM_4946 copy

SAM_4957 copy

SAM_4966 copy

SAM_5076 copy

SAM_5032 copy

SAM_5033 copy


SAM_5043 copy

On Emil: T-shirt & pants by BENCH. On Sandra: Cardigan, top, and pants by HerBENCH I Bag by ALDO


SAM_5055 copy


SAM_5059 copy

Summer16 copy

SAM_5085 copy

SAM_5089 copy

SAM_5092 copy


Men’s Slacks Pants  I  Striped Trunk Tee  I  Shift Dress 



ASSEMBLY: Music Festival Musts
B/SEEN: YStyle Fashion Editor Carla Villanueva