Denim’s new life at #PaintYourDenim, a weekend hangout

Photography by RALPH MENDOZA
Styled by MJ BENITEZ
Assisted by EA MOJICA
Shot on location at OTO
Special thanks to 5880 Enriquez

Creating a spruced up staple with six of Manila’s freshest faces.

Some Sundays ago, our friends came around to breathe new life into their Bench denim jackets and Overhauled jeans. Along with select members of the press, Leila Alcasid, Claudia Barretto, Juliana Gomez, Derrick Monasterio, Diego Loyzaga, and Grae Fernandez got their hands dirty at #PaintYourDenim, a denim-customizing workshop that we set up.

Video by Judd Figuerres

It’s the first installment of what would be a series of weekend hangouts where some of our endorsers and members of the press can immerse in a unique experience, and add a new skill to their arsenal of special talents.

Luckily, our small arsenal of idols came prepared. This young, talented crew was the perfect fit for our workshop. Each brought their unique perspective to the table, and created customized pieces that allowed their personal style to shine through. Creative juices were put to the test, and everyone passed with flying colors.

We were head over heels for Juliana’s design, a grunged up eye hieroglyph painted in white on the back of ther jacket. For his customized jacket, Derrick painted a simple peace sign to spread the good vibes. Claudia went for minimalist in her piece, painting a red star behind an edict that said simply: Stay. We wonder who Claudia’s request was aimed at.

Soleil Ignacio, Workshop Mentor, @choleil

Guiding our friends was acclaimed illustrator Soleil Ignacio. The digital and analog artist has worked with a number of different mediums, this time using denim as her canvas. Soleil is an internationally recognized illustrator, describing her style as “feminine, edgy, and strong.” Serving as mentor for this round of our weekend hangouts, she dished on a few tips and tricks on how to customize Bench denim jackets and Overhauled jeans. The flexible and durable quality of Bench denim was perfect for a project like this.

According to Soleil, good quality brushes, acrylic paint, and a spark of inspiration can go a long way. Thanks to this chill sit-down session, turns out you don’t have to be a maestro to create a work of art.

The fitting venue for this creative session was OTO in Poblacion. OTO is known for its great selection of vinyl records and craft cocktails and coffee. While waiting for our artworks to dry, we got to try out some of the food on offer. The cheese fish tofu and sticks, as well as the chicken and waffles, were heaven.

To make sure no one was running out of creative juices, Paul Boulangerie also served up some authentic French treats. The gang stuffed themselves with pain au chocolat, sugar tarts, and some buttery, flaky croissants, among others.

#PaintYourDenim was a great, productive way to spend an otherwise sluggish Sunday. While on its own already stylish, Bench denim can be made more special with a bit of DIY magic.

Derrick Monasterio, @derrickmonasterio

Leila Alcasid, @leilaalcasid

Grae Fernandez, @graefernandez

Claudia Barretto, @claudiabarretto

Juliana Gomez, @gomezjuliana

Diego Loyzaga, @diegoloyzaga

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