Redefining killer body, Ellen Adarna is the sort of pinup who can pin you against a wall and have you screaming for mercy. At least that’s what the newest Benchsetter makes us believe in her second set of “Get This Body” workout videos, unleashed exclusively on B/TV.

Suited in BENCH BODY and some of the brand’s more athletic pieces, Adarna sweats and scowls (but sexily) while demonstrating how you get a hot bod like hers. In the video “Boxing,” the martial hottie swings and jabs at a phantom opponent while wearing a black bra with mesh detailing. One can only assume that her opponent is the collective mass of zeta-males who’ve tried lame pickup lines on her.

As a proper finale to these workouts, we’ve got “Yoga” for a good stretch in minimalist black underwear. Ellen smiles at the end, the most innocent we’ve seen her. While exercise may have been exhausting for her, she knows that for us it was an absolute pleasure.

Of course, in case you need some more motivation to sweat, we added some inspiration below from Ellen’s recent BENCH BODY campaign shoot. 

Ellen IMG_4258 Ellen IMG_4223 Ellen IMG_4202 Ellen IMG_3486 Ellen IMG_3193 Ellen IMG_3139 Ellen IMG_2876 Ellen IMG_2504 Ellen IMG_2357 Ellen IMG_2021 Ellen IMG_1941 Ellen IMG_1873 Ellen IMG_1855 Ellen IMG_1756 Ellen IMG_1616 Ellen IMG_1444 Ellen IMG_1443 Ellen IMG_1388 Ellen IMG_1179


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