Facing the Sun: Summer Makeup Tips from Krist Bansuelo


  • "The trend for makeup this year is fresh and glowing. This look perfectly translates to a clean summer look. When at the beach, You can achieve this glowing look by simply combining any non-sticky facial sunblock and your favorite liquid foundation to create that glowing skin effect, plus you're protected from the sun. Pressed powders are a no-no for summer beach makeup since this will just clog your pores and give that matte finish, which is so not summery. Use oil blotter instead to keep shine away."
  • "For summer, use anything tinted like tinted lip balm for lips and cheek tints as you can use this makeup even for swimming. Any peachy pink for fair-skinned girls or orange-tone tints for morena girls will work."
  • "Nothing can replace the glow of a real tan, so bronzers faking a tan will just be that: a fake tan. What is more important this summer is to hydrate your skin. Use an atomizer and spray your face every hour. Less or no makeup is perfect for summer, so use tints sparingly to create a bare, fresh, and glowing face."

During a scorching summer, getting done up can be a tricky thing if you’re heading out. With sweat as a threat, you need to know how best to wield your makeup brush against the harsh elements. B/BLOG sought the wisdom of Krist Bansuelo, a go-to guy who’s beautified many of our Benchsetters. Click through the slideshow and find out how the makeup artist to the stars stays on top of the sun!

Beauty Ed - Coral A

Photo by Dac Rivera


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