Here are our fashion predictions for 2018

Get your closets ready.

Whether we like it or not, fashion is inextricably a part of our lives. Apart from being able to use the clothes on our backs as a way to express ourselves, fashion has the ability to reflect the zeitgeist of society. When you look at the fashion of a certain decade, you can somewhat deduce what was happening during that time, in a very similar way that is captured by the art of the era. These trends per decade are, of course, built up year per year, and if you break it down, there are small but very distinct differences. Trends can either evolve as a continuation of a previous one, or can spring out as a reaction. For 2018, we asked our winning designers of the Bench Design Awards 2017 to give us a glimpse of what we can expect from the coming year in fashion. It’s a mix of grunge, sportswear, matching separates, bright colors, and more. Time to plan the year’s wardrobe.

Jennifer Contreras, @jennipepperonie
My fashion forecast for this year is Grungesport. It’s basically a combination of two popular trends from the 90’s, Grunge and Retro Sportswear. So that means plaid, oversized clothing, layering, and a balance of bold and pastel colors. The trend is very street, so expect to see a lot of it in the streets of Tokyo, Korea, or London during fashion week or in the social media snaps and posts of your favorite style icons.


RJ Santos, @randolfclothing
This year, I think guys will start wearing shorter shorts and big, oversized shirts with tight necklines. Also, I feel like 2018 is the year of coordinates, especially with prints.

Jaggy Glarino, @jaggy_glarino
(Digital illustration by Goldwynn Navarro)
Spring-Summer 2018 will be the revival and update of late 80s-90s athletic wear. This is the time to really embrace the bold and daring. We will see the dominant use of electric-bright hues and the layering of graphic prints on top of playful patterns. Boxy/oversized to loose breathable tops (shirts, button-downs) will be huge this season and will be cinched/tucked in waistbands that are placed higher. Major emphasis will be put on toned legs this year as the hemlines go higher (the more that you should never skip leg day). Classic bucket hats, fanny packs, funky socks and sporty classic athletic shoes, slouchy canvas totes and gym bags will be the accessories of choice. The key is really to look bright, athletic, outdoorsy and comfortable without breaking a sweat.

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