You Only Live Once

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Clothes by Kashieca & BENCH
Photography by Joseph Pascual
Makeup by Ria Aquino
Hair by Rudolph Davalos
Styled & Produced by Carla Villanueva
Special thanks to The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences, Makati

Two decades later, Wes Craven’s Scream still echoes its influence in pop culture. Today, the popularity of the show Scream Queens is proof we haven’t tired of the Slasher genre’s most essential elements: hot hormonal teens, a knife-wielding mystery killer, and an audience yelling at a busty babe to get the F out of wherever she is.

            BENCH BLOG celebrates Halloween with another stab at the genre and a bit of a tribute to the original Scream. Wearing a blonde Drew Barrymore bob, our pretty little millennial Sam Montinola has got a bunch of #SlasherGirlProblems to deal with. Namely, staying updated on social media and staying alive. As expected of the Slasher storyline, there is a twist; one that definitely reminds us of what YOLO really means. 

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B/TV: Enrique Gil for BENCH/ - Behind the Scenes
#BenchBodyLanguage: Valentyn Korolkov