“Firsts” – a Love Story in .GIFs


GIFs shot by Kenneth Aballa & Photography by Bea Faicol
Styling by Carla Villanueva
Makeup by Grace Ambrosio

You remember those moments. They were just seconds but they changed everything—the first time you saw each other, the first words spoken, the first touch, the first kiss.

With a whole month to celebrate those moments, BENCH BLOG visits French patisserie PAUL, the delicious setting for a couple’s many romantic firsts, portrayed by real-life twosome Marika Araneta and Luigi Celdran. We remember each “first time” through another first: a fashion editorial made up of moving images. Each .GIF is a milestone in the couple’s lives together (incidentally, Luigi & Marika just got engaged in real life). Of course, with all the firsts they’ve shared is most certainly a love to last.

Let’s get those feelings moving. Happy Valentine’s, Benchsetters.


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