From The Archives: Riding Into New Territory

A new beginning online starts with a look back.

The year was 1989: Bench first appeared on television screens through its first commercial, “The Sculler,” featuring a young Richard Gomez rowing to the tune of “Claire De Lune.”

Today, we get to share that iconic video on this platform, along with everything from music playlists and food features, to buys from the Bench Universe and chats with the people who are part of it—and yes, some of your favorite endorsers captured on video.

We’re riding into exciting new territory, where the classic men’s tank or tee you see on a clip can be bought at our online store with a click.

Welcome to the B/BLOG.

THROWBACK: Richard & Lucy for Bench/
  • looking forward to seeing more conceptual and nicely done commercials like these from Bench! 🙂

    • B/BLOG

      Thanks for dropping by! Through b/TV, you’ll be seeing a lot of original programming here, as well, including some conceptual fashion films 🙂