Girls’ Night Out


Photography by Nikki Ruiz
Hair & Makeup by Ina De Guzman

Words by Margarita Buenaventura

Few things can beat the energy of attending a concert, from the vibe of a crowd to the thrill of experiencing your favorite acts live. And despite suffering through sweat, less-than-courteous concertgoers, and pre- and post-event traffic, we still want to dress for the occasion. Plus, you’ll never know—you might just get to sneak in backstage and meet your idols in real life.

But it’s ultimately about the music, something bloggers and concert veterans Cher Lui-Pio and Jey Velasquez certainly know about. As they slip into some great clothes while preparing for a night of good music, we ask them all about their favorite concert experiences, and why Beyoncé is due to come back for another visit.



Printed pullover, shorts, & socks by BENCH



Most unforgettable concert experience?

​Wanderland’s the best concert I’ve been to ’cause I really like it chill. And the Pussycat Dolls. I’ve been such a big fan since I was in grade school. I danced to “Buttons.” Oh my gosh, humiliating. Please don’t judge me on this. (Laughs)

What makes a concert good for you?

​The crowd is one of the most important factors. If the crowd isn’t hyped enough, then you’re really going to feel like, “Sayang, ‘di masyadong na-appreciate yung artist.”

Given the chance, power, and budget to bring one artist to Manila, who would you pick?

Kanye or Beyonce. I’m a big fan of Beyonce. Queen B! Also Ariana Grande.​




Plaid polo, tank top, & shorts by BENCH



Most unforgettable concert experience?

I really love David Archuleta, and I was a big fan ever since his first audition in American Idol. So when I found out that he was here, I was so sad because I didn’t have a ticket. And then last minute, a friend of my brother called me and said, “Hey, I got you a ticket… I got you two!” So I had to bring my mom kasi bata pa ako nun. And then the first thing I did when he came out, I cried! I cried sa sobrang excited ko. I couldn’t control my tears and then my mom was just laughing at me.

Top three favorite concerts?

In no order: Paramore would be one – one of the best I’ve gone to. Death Cab for Cutie – it was intensely good. Justin Timberlake, I got to watch him in New York. It was in Madison Square Garden, it was my first time to ever go to the States, it was my first time to ever watch a concert abroad… And it was him. And I had the biggest crush on him pa!

What makes a concert good for you?

There’s a lot of reasons. One would be just seeing the artist perform live. It’s such a different experience. You idolize them through their songs but hearing them live is such a different experience. Like, you’re there at the concert… with them. And I like the rush that you get. My favorite is when the lights go off tapos papasok na yung artist. The thrill I get from it is so different. And when the lights come on: “Shit, nandiyan na siya!”



On Jey: Varsity jacket and skirt by BENCH | On Cher: Hat, tank top, & jeans by BENCH