Going against the motions

Photography by Cenon Norial III
Styled by Mav Bernardo
Make up and grooming by Pam Robes
Words by Neal P. Corpus

Living life with flavor starts with a little change in outlook.

Picture this: it’s a Tuesday morning, the second day of another nondescript week, another day on the grind. It’s been the same 24 hours day in, day out. For who knows how long — it could be weeks, months, years? You forgot. You dread getting out of bed only to face the rush hour traffic on your way to work and the same traffic on the way home. Returning to the same evening playing over and over again. You long for excitement, a change of routine, something to get you out of your rut.

And then something snaps: you realize that nothing around you is going to change, unless you do it first. A change of outlook is the first step to changing everything else. You begin with the small things, like appreciating seemingly absurd objects and experiences we encounter everyday. You stop just going through the motions of life and actually begin, slowly, living your best life. The last thing you want to be — or even just look like — is those people from the American Gothic. You smile more and bask in the sunlight a little bit longer each day — you know that if you keep doing this, the warmth will permeate throughout your entire being soon enough. You embrace a little absurdity and silliness in your days. The realization hits: life’s too short to go without a little flair and drama. So go ahead — live life with flavor

Polo and silk jacket from BENCH

Denim jacket from BENCH

Polo shirt, blazer, and hat from BENCH

Floral blouse from KASHIECA, Dress from BENCH, Accessories from ALDO

Hat, handkerchief, and dress from BENCH

Scarves and top from KASHIECA

Specs from ALDO, Polo shirt from Call It Spring

Cap from BENCH, top from KASHIECA

Hat and sweater from BENCH

Accessories and clothes from KASHIECA

On Kat: Long sleeves and blouse from KASHIECA, On Paul: Tank from BENCH

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