A Grown-Up Christmas List: The #Benchsetters Edition

Stepping out onto the streets, the breeze is suddenly a little bit cooler, the night sky, a little darker, and the atmosphere, a little more cheerfulit’s official, Christmas time is here!

The season of festive decorations and endless playlists of LSS-inducing Christmas songs that can be heard wherever you go (hello, Mr. Jose Mari Chan!), for us, somehow brings a special feeling of kinship and togetherness. It’s as if by magic, this time of year immediately draws us to the people we love most, coming together in celebration of the time of joy and of giving.

This is something all 6 of us feel we could encourage each other to do more of. As we get older, we realize that physical or material gifts are temporary and fleeting. That’s why as the #Benchsetters, we’re happy to tell you about our immaterial interests and wishes, too!

We think it’s important to focus on things with lasting value, the intangibles that give a deeper meaning to things. And we’re sharing our grown-up Christmas wish list with you:

  1. Peace. True peace of mind (and heart!) for people all over the world.
  2. Happiness. That our smiles may resonate across those we meet, and that we may bring genuine joy to people.
  3. Quality Time. More moments and memories to be created with people closest to our hearts.
  4. Purpose. A passion that inspires us to get up each day and work hard towards achieving something!
  5. Goodness. Goodness spread in all areas of our lives–health, relationships, and all others. That whatever we choose to be, we do it good and we abide by goodness.

Cliche as it sounds, we couldn’t be more grateful of what we have right now (including our awesome Bench family, of course!). And we think that now is the best time to share whatever we have to everyone we encounter, especially those most in need.

So from the sincere hearts of us #Benchsetters, we urge you, dear reader, go out and donate what you can, be that person who is willing to make a difference in a stranger’s life, because who knows, what you may consider as nothing might actually mean something to someone out there. And if we are able to do that, to start working on our grown-up wish lists, then we think we can all agree that that would be the real meaning of a Christmas well spent!

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