We honor our OFWs with this rendition of the classic ‘Anak’

This beautiful rendition by the children of OFWs is filled with emotion.

There’s no question about it: being an OFW is hard. Being away from your family and working in a foreign land is a huge sacrifice to make. We all want better lives for our families, and sometimes, that means leaving them behind. But just because they work abroad means they’re living in the lap of luxury; more often than not, Filipinos abroad have to roll up their sleeves and get up to do grunt work, all in the name of making a better life.

But not everyone sees that. Sometimes the ones left behind develop resentment towards their parents, or begin to take them for granted. It’s important to gain independence for yourself, but it’s also important to recognize how our parents have helped us become who we are today. This is what the classic song Anak sings about. The song became a global hit in 1977, and went on to be translated in to 30 languages, in a time when thousands of Filipinos sought employment abroad.

This holiday season, we join the children of OFWs from all over the world in acknowledging the sacrifice their parents make for our wellbeing. In this video, they sing Anak in their different languages, making for a beautiful rendition filled with emotion. Watch below.

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