A Human Holiday Moment with Nikki Luna & Mikee Carrion


All clothes by BENCH
Photography by Ina Jacobe
Makeup by Sari Campos
Hair by Rhoy Cervantes
Styling by Maureen Manuel

As frequently as Nikki Luna explores the Philippines for her Rappler travel show #SharePH, there’s definitely no keeping her from being home for the holidays. In a year that saw her work exhibited at Art Stage Singapore and a solo show at Silverlens, the acclaimed artist, activist, and HUMAN endorser has been due for a break. After all the art made, it’s now time to make memories with her and husband Mikee’s newborn girl, Alandra Haliya Cecilia Carrion.

“It’s a Spanish name and it means defender of mankind,” says Nikki as she cradles her blushing daughter. “Haliya is a myth—she’s supposed to be goddess of the moon and protector of women. Tribes would call on her whenever there’s something wrong.”

While the gifts—including their little bundle of joy—were aplenty during Christmas, Nikki and Mikee look forward to the giving that happens afterward. With kickART, a spinoff of Nikki’s non-profit project startART, the couple will continue exposing underprivileged kids to art and football as therapy.

For now, however, the focus is on Alandra. B/BLOG captures a HUMAN holiday moment where Nikki and Mikee dote on their little protector before she herself can protect.















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