K-Drama Kween Park Shin-Hye tugs at our heartstrings as she prepares Bench giveaways for her lucky fans.
Words by Martin Yambao

#ParkShinHyeForBench was the ultimate dream for most k-drama fans. As our newest Benchsetter from the land of globally-beloved soap operas and the klieg-lit world of K-Pop, we saw 27-year-old South Korean actress and singer Park Shin-Hye get up and close and personal to some of her biggest Filipino fans — we’re talking hugs! tears! a specially made dosirak lunchbox lovingly prepared by the actress herself! — in her second visit to Manila.

Park Shin Hye takes the stage for her Flower of Angel Tour

MUKBANG TIME: Park Shin Hye prepares a special lunchbox filled with tuna rice balls and ham croissant sandwiches “I actually enjoy cooking,” shares the Hallyu Star, “I often cook when I’m at home. Anything you guys want inside this sandwich?”

In what was a short four-day stint in the metro, Shin-Hye brought her fans together for a sold-out concert in Araneta Coliseum (last July 28, 2017, a pit stop for her “Flower of Angel” tour), press conferences and shoots, meet & greets, and the inauguration of the second ever Shin-Hye Center in Manila; a non-profit organization that carries out regional development programs and emergency relief.

Among her generation of idol-worthy actors and actresses, #ParkShinHyeForBench is our top pick.

Hallyu fever at its best: Park Shin-Hye greets her legion of fans at SM Mega Fashion Hall.

A top-rated actress — with a string of hit dramas from the classic gender-bending Go Mi-Nyu from 2009’s “You’re Beautiful” with Asia’s Prince Jang Geun-Suk, to “The Heirs” in 2013 with our original K-Daddy Lee Min-Ho, to last year’s breakout hit, Shin-Hye as our “Doctor Crush” Dr. Yoo Hye-Jung — also, a chart-topping singer, her goddess-level good looks, not-to-mention a certified philanthropist to boot, what’s not to love? Among her generation of idol-worthy actors and actresses, #ParkShinHyeForBench is our top pick.

Flower of Angel indeed! Come back #ParkShinHyeForBench!

In anticipation of upcoming visits and her upcoming 2017 drama, “I’m playing a lawyer this time,” Shin-Hye teases, re-live some of the moments from her short but sweet trip to the Philippines.

Are you excited to find out what’s next? Stay tuned #Bench30Years

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