Lazy Daze

Photography by Cenon Norial III
Styled by Karen Bolilia
Hair and makeup by Sari Campos
Models: Sam Humphries, Diego Harmuch, & Tim Devos

It’s hard to move when the sun’s in your eyes. That’s all well and good—all we need is a slather of SPF and each other’s company, lying around and talking about everything and nothing at all. Going places costs too much and takes too much effort. But looking at you drying out on your beach towel, eyes closed, my thoughts roam.


Swimsuit by HerBench


Board shorts by BENCH


Underwear by BENCH


Bikini top by BENCH



Board shorts by BENCH


Polo by BENCH


Polo by BENCH


Top and Skirt by HerBench


Shirt and tank top by BENCH


BENCH MEETS Curtismith
B/BISITA - Marikina, a 'Hood We Love