Lessons in Body Language – Session 2


Photography by Gee Plamenco
Makeup & Grooming by Meiko Kato
Special thanks to Trixie Orobia

It isn’t easy to teach bodily self-expression. Comfort has to come from within. Once again, B/BLOG conducts another lesson in body language, capturing some fine examples of what it means to be at ease.

Continuing the #BenchBodyLanguage campaign are a chef, a pole dancer, and a martial arts enthusiast, none of which have a problem communicating confidence.

This isn’t a one-way conversation, of course. Use the hashtag #BenchBodyLanguage and share your selfie wearing BenchBODY to be featured on the @benchtm Instagram and the B/BLOG. Try us—we’d like to hear what your body has to say.


#BenchBodyLanguage: “Working from the ground up.”


20, Model at PrimaStella Management, Dancer, and Arnis Enthusiast


What have you been up to lately, Julien?

Lately, I’ve been using my time to practices Filipino stick fighting. On top of taking four classes a week, I practice at least one hour every day to use Eskrima at its best, strengthening my fingers, wrists, and forearms. I’m also learning hip-hop choreographies to add to my roster. The dancing really helps with the martial arts by helping me move faster. It’s all body language and I can read it pretty well (laughs).

Well, you’re actually a big reader, as well…

Yeah, I spend my evenings just reading books. It’s nice to have that kind of peace and quiet, kicking back and relaxing.


Would you consider that the time you’re absolutely at ease?

I am at ease everywhere with anyone. I tend to break the ice very quickly when I’m in a group of new people because really, who wants to let the awkward silence linger? But if I had to choose my comfort zone, it would be dancing or practicing Filipino martial arts like Eskrima/Kali/Arnis.

It’s like being in a trance where you’re aware of everything around you but still able to pay 100% attention to your movements. It’s like being in the Avatar State (laughs). If you’re not familiar with Avatar: The Legend of Korra, it’s the cartoon. Yes, I’m also a huge nerd and geek.




#BenchBodyLanguage: “The loose don’t lose.”


30, Marketing Manager for a Startup & Instructor at Polecats Manila


Hi Kyla! What sort of Pole do you teach at Polecats?

I teach Aerial Hoop and Spin Pole. I must admit, I’m not someone who likes to dance. Growing up, I was a gymnast so I tend to focus on the technical aspect of pole dancing. With pole, it’s a challenge ‘cause I need to be a performer aside from an athlete.


What do you consider your absolute comfort zone?

There’s my training and teaching at Polecats, where I really like interacting with my students. And of course, spending time with my partner whether it’s at home or out somewhere grabbing a bite. I like the fact that she shows her love everyday in little ways. Though it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, I’m really lucky to have her in my life.




#BenchBodyLanguage: “Redefining comfort food.”


28, Chef & Ex-Premed Student

Hey Chef! You work for Vask, right? What is it exactly you do for them?

I did a year and a half internship in Copenhagen and I came back last April. My training was in fine dining. Right now, I’m helping put together a menu for Vask using all-Filipino ingredients but done their way. It supports local farmers and sources ingredients everywhere in the Philippines. I’m like a consultant for research and development. That’s gonna be keeping me busy for the next few months.

In what aspect of cooking do you get in the zone? 

I’ve always been a hot kitchen chef. It’s easier to serve cold food cold than hot food hot. When I’m in the kitchen, I hate a lazy service. I always like my adrenaline pumping. It’s why I’ve decided to invest in a new restaurant in Copenhagen while becoming its chef de partie, working in the hot kitchen.

Any restaurant you consider your comfort zone?

It has to be Nobu in Hong Kong. They’re always coming out with fresh, bold flavors with a fusion of Peruvian and Japanese. I always get a lunch table by the window because it’s overlooking the harbor. I could dine there alone and read a book.

What would you consider absolute comfort food?

I would never turn down a good burger with onion rings. I hate eating on my bed but I have this tiny office by it where I would probably eat naked (laughs).


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