Lessons in Body Language – Session 3


Photography by Bardo Wu
Production Design by Jake Jereza
Makeup & Grooming by Sari Campos

It isn’t easy to teach bodily self-expression. Comfort has to come from within. Once again, B/BLOG conducts another lesson in body language, capturing some fine examples of what it means to be at ease.

This time, our #BenchBodyLanguage class expands with an engineer, a digital content director, a resort owner, and a basketball player, none of which have a problem communicating confidence.

This isn’t a one-way conversation, of course. Use the hashtag #BenchBodyLanguage and share your selfie wearing BenchBODY to be featured on the @benchtm Instagram and the B/BLOG. Try us—we’d like to hear what your body has to say.



25, Geophysical Engineer

Hey, Franco. What brings you to Manila all the way from West London?

I was also here in April last year. My mum’s side of the family is here so I usually come back every five years. I always come back to Tarlac at least once a week to see my family. This time around, I want to kick-start my modeling career here.

Well that’s definitely different from what you do back home.

Yeah, I started doing geophysical engineering after I graduated last year. If a company wants to set up an oilrig or something like that, we’ll go to the seabed and make sure everything below is safe.

Well that body looks pretty well engineered, as well.

I started our really skinny but when I was in university, I was studying and going to the gym. It disciplined me in a way. My goal is to lift this much or do this much in this amount of time. Once I’m in the gym, I’m in the zone. I don’t think about anything else.



27, Creative Director at a Startup/Barre3 & Yoga Instructor

A digital startup is no walk in the park. Are you still able to slip a barre3 or yoga stretch into your day?

I work on my startup either from home or from the office during the day. Luckily the schedule is still flexible enough that I can still teach barre3 and hit all class times throughout the week. The rest of the time, I do yoga. I’m trying to be better and more regular with my schedule, though!

At least you still have a creative outlet through your art.

Some days are free and I get to sit by my pool and draw. Some days are so full, I’m working on my computer in the car going to the studio.


And what would you consider your absolute comfort zone amid such a dynamic lifestyle?

My absolute comfort zone is my mat. Whether I’m in a yoga studio or out in the garden, in the barre3 studio or in my room, whether I’m holding a strong pose or meditating through some problems, the mat is my home. It is my comfort zone, but it’s also where I challenge the limits of my comfort zone.





24, Basketball Player – PBA

What’s it like relocating from Chicago to Manila to play in the PBA?

As a mandatory rule for all Filipino Americans, we have to do one year of PBA’s B league. I came here in August. I like to have a good time as much as anybody else but I try to stay focused on the things I need to do: basketball, working out, all the necessary skills drills. Back home, I play point guard but coming here, I’ve a bigger height advantage so I’m shooting guard.


What do you miss about Chicago?

I have two older brothers and they have families of their own so I miss seeing my nieces and nephews grow up. My dad is 100 percent Italian and owns an Italian restaurant in downtown Chicago. I definitely miss the food there—the braised short rib, especially. When you eat it, it’s very tender. You don’t need a knife, really.

Would you say that restaurant is your comfort zone?

It doesn’t matter if it’s here or back home, a basketball gym is my absolute comfort zone. Being on it makes me forget about anything else.





29, Owner – Amami Beach Resort, Puerto Galera

Where in Italy are you from, Fabio?

Milan. I moved to the Philippines around August of 2013. I live in Puerto Galera now. Amami Beach Resort is a family business I started with my mother and sister. It’s a nice place to live, very accessible from Manila.


When you aren’t running the resort, how do you unwind in Puerto Galera?

A nice dive in Coral Garden. In my last dive, I saw a huge sea turtle. Almost as big as me, or me without the legs.

And after a dive, is a drink in order?

I head to Amami Beach Restaurant for a mango mojito with Tanduay 15 years. I’m totally relaxed then (laughs).


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