Lessons in Body Language


Photography by Bardo Wu
Production Design & Assistance from Jake Jereza
Makeup & Grooming by Byron Velasquez for MAC

A body talks loud and clear when it’s stripped of its layers.

Advocating bodily self-expression, BENCH launches the #BenchBodyLanguage campaign on Instagram. To kick off (rather, heat up) the hashtag, B/BLOG captured a few fine specimens fluent in body language.

Whether it’s cookie crafter Kate Bautista’s declaration of hunger or Aussie footballer Evan Spargo’s ballsy pillow talk, these examples serve as good form in body language, especially since they’re punctuated with the proper undergarments.

Of course, we’d like to know what your body has to say. Using the hashtag #BenchBodyLanguage, share your selfie wearing BenchBODY along with a bodily statement, be it “Hard at work” at the gym or “Sound tripping” in bed. If you communicate well enough, your photo might even find itself on the B/BLOG.

And while being in good shape may help your body communicate better, it talks just fine when you’re comfortable in your own skin.


#BenchBodyLanguage: “Having a ball.”


25, Part-time Model & Host/ Marketing & Communications Manager for an Australian IT company


Hey, Evan! What’s the story behind the red ball?

“I played semi-professional Australian football back home and when I came to Manila, I found the Philippine Eagles. It’s a team of expats but we’ve had more and more Filipinos join the league.”

Besides on the field, where are you most comfortable?

“Chilling with my friends, lazy in shorts and sandos, drinking a beer while talking about sport.”

It also seems like danger is your comfort zone.

“I love risks and thrills. A few years ago, I went to Switzerland and I will never forget skydiving from a height of 15,000 feet, overlooking the Swiss Alps. Next is bungee jumping from the Macau Tower.”



#BenchBodyLanguage: “Crave Party.”


25, Aspiring Chef & Cookie Entrepreneur (Kate’s Kitchen)

Hi, Kate! Do you bake up a storm in this kitchen? 

A few months ago, I realized that the small oven I had at home could be used to bake and cook. I ran through my larder, saw oatmeal, and the rest is history. My specialty, though, is chocolate chip cookies! Joy for me is when I open a jar lid and people swarm toward me to grab a piece.

So the kitchen is your comfort zone? 

Absolutely. Experimenting with flavors, or when I’m jamming with my friends, singing the night away!



#BenchBodyLanguage: “Blood, sweat, and self-improvement.”


19, Model/ Digital Forensics Major at National University

Hey, Sydney! Besides your course at NU, you’ve got some interesting extracurricular activities.

“(Laughs) I joined Mr. Chinatown recently. It’s my most memorable project and it’s how everything started.”

A pageant is pretty intense. What do you consider your comfort zone?

Siguro when I’m doing photo shoots. Or scratch that—when I’m lying down in bed with my dog (laughs).”


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