Let’s celebrate: behind the scenes at #BenchBirthdayParty

Photography by Kenneth Aballa
Words by Neal P. Corpus

If you could bring anyone to your birthday party, who would you invite? Well, if it were up to us, it would be an easy list to put together: The Original, The King and Queen of Hearts, The Girl on TV, The General, The Heartbreak Kid, The Boy Wonder, The Heir Apparent, and of course, The Head of the Table. Just a small, intimate gathering with a few personalities, y’know?

The setting is a colorful al fresco dining hall, with festive colors and vibrant decor. It’s a classic Filipino table, surrounded by lush greenery — it is Bench’s 30th anniversary, after all. The guests trickle in one by one: The Head of the Table Ben Chan leads the way, with The OG Richard Gomez. They’ve been friends for a long time, these two. They also know a thing or two about staying power and timeless style, and the iconic Sculler and Saddle ads are proof of that.

Next come The King and Queen of Hearts, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, together with TV’s reigning princess Maine Mendoza. These three combined can command crowds, with even just the slightest gesture sending fans ablaze. The following trio that arrives, on the other hand, can make a crowd swoon: The General Paulo Avelino, Boy Wonder Bailey May, and the cutest of them all — The Heartbreak Kid Baeby Baste.

The esteemed guests settle in, but there’s one more vacant seat at the table. A hush descends upon the room, and in walks The Heir Apparent, the daughter of The Original, Juliana Gomez. She has a quiet confidence that radiates with potential. It is, after all, in here genes.

And now the #BenchBirthdayParty is complete. Let the celebrations begin!

Benchmark Issue 12 is available in all Bench stores.

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