The Lucy Loves List

  • "When I am hungry, I do not want my food to disappoint. I find that Inagiku is very reliable and consistent. I love the Nigiri Sushi, the gindara terriyaki, the always-fresh salmon and hamachi sashimi. And they have this vegetable and fish soup served in a paper-lined bowl that can soothe any bad day."
  • "Good skin and nicely shaped brows, not too thin, please! When you have both, all else is just icing on the cake."
  • "Nude heels in a sexy height and style. It dresses up most everything, especially when I am rushing out the door and have no time to think. I just grab it and go. They are foolproof."
  • "The series of events immediately after Yolanda have been quite the journey. There have been very definitive highs and lows. Strangely — and maybe I am saying this as a coping mechanism because things have been difficult enough in my capacity as Representative of a district that has been badly hit by the world’s worst typhoon — I have been very accepting of the way things are. Not to say I am totally okay about it, or that I am beyond my set of frustrations, but it is what it is. I try to be very present in the moment, I take things one day at a time. The people on the ground have been a source of much inspiration. The world has an idea how things are but it is different when you see these people face to face, eye to eye. The resilience is inspiring, the gift that is being able to smile through their pain is heartbreaking in a very positive way. It has changed the shape of my thoughts and the way I look at things."
  • "Indecent Proposal. I watched it when I was much younger and this time around, I really paid attention to every detail and got lost in the beautiful details: the conversation, the nuances, Sheena Easton singing 'The Nearness of You' in the background. A beautiful movie is a beautiful movie."
  • "Picstitch. I don’t like flooding on Instagram so I really like how you can share multiple shots taken during the same event in one go."


It’s always a good idea to kick your week off with a little love. Who better a representative of the warm and fuzzies than Lucy Torres-Gomez? Despite the deluge of work she has to deal with as a congresswoman, Lucy makes sure to step back and appreciate what’s around her, whether she’s in her Ormoc homebase or traveling with Ben Chan and friends on a trip to London recently.

Chatting with the B/BLOG, Lucy shared a list of things she is crazy for at the moment—besides fellow Benchsetter Richard Gomez, of course, whom she just celebrated her anniversary with. Click through—lots to love!


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