Match Points & Tinder Commandments


Shirt & Jacket by BENCH
Photography by Bardo Wu
Assisted by Jake Jereza
Makeup & Grooming by Anacleta Paredes
Styling by Ecks Abitona
Graphics by Ina Jacobe


To those single this Valentine’s month—or God forbid, left single: there’s an app for that. The top location-based dating app is Tinder, where the search for a mate can end with a swipe of your phone. A mutual right swipe of profile photos matches two users, while a left swipe is a user’s “no thanks.”

In this mobile world of finding love fresh, hot, and fast, first impressions count more than ever. Whether it’s a snap of you and your supposed convertible or a poorly taken selfie that suggests you have no friends to take a proper photo of you, just one shot could spark a swipe left and keep you from matching with that special someone.

In its advocacy against left swipe syndrome, B/BLOG gathered a diverse bunch of Tinder folk to provide examples of the ideal profile picture: easy on the eyes, rich on the personality, and casual enough not to look desperate. And in case you swipe right on these cuties, they’ve provided a few commandments on what can turn that spark into something hot and heavy.




25, Talent Agent

– “Photos and profiles must always match. If there is a mismatch at any point, pass on it. A person worth knowing should know himself well enough to put up a decent profile.”

– “One trait necessary to carry into this world is openness. Be open to anything. Matches may be future lovers or friends, even business partners, you’ll never know. Never close your doors to anyone unless they screw you up big time, which I honestly doubt. ‘Cause you know, people are still, to the core, good.”

– “Finally, when a hang out evolves into a date and a date turns into a real-deal relationship, leave that app, please. Work on that relationship the way any decent man would. End of the day we all wish for love, so…”


Shirt & Jacket by BENCH





23, Social Media Producer for Rappler

– “Boring, generic bios would lead me to believe you’re a boring person. ‘I like movies, music’ is boring because breaking news: there are different kinds of music and movies!”

– “Come up with a better opening line than ‘Hey, cutie.’ Those are messages I don’t reply to probably because you’ve copy-pasted that for roughly 37 other girls. No thanks. I appreciate those who take time to read your bio and figure out your interests. I always, always reply to book-related questions because I take it to mean they know what bibliophile on my bio means—or at least took the time to Google it.”

– “Group photos are never a good idea. Unless you want me to mistake your good-looking friend for you, you wouldn’t want your profile photo to be one with you and your buddies. Face the camera, smile, go easy on the filters. I don’t have the patience to figure out which one you are in that group of six fratmen. *swipe left*”


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33, Trainer at Berlitz

– “Only use a current picture, never anything from five years ago.”

– “Stay sincere. Even if it doesn’t work out, at least you never doubted yourself.”

– “Never reveal everything in one go. You need time, real time, to tell if someone deserves to stay in your life.”


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22, Freelance Photographer & Makeup Artist

– “Swipe right if it’s your friend because nothing affirms friendship more than matching with them.”

– “Don’t look for true love.”

– “Find your inner Samantha.”


Dress by HerBench


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