Merry Christmas to Hue: a BENCH/ gift guide by the color

Photos by Koji Arboleda
Styled by Neal Corpus
Art Direction by Mags Ocampo
Produced by Ina Jacobe


Make it a colorful holiday season.

It’s less than 20 days before Christmas, and you know what that means: it’s gift-giving crunch time. It’s pretty much understood that the holiday season in the Philippines begins right at the onset of September, but with everything we have going on and the traffic of Manila, who has the time to shop? And, more importantly, what gifts do you get? Well don’t worry, we got you. We’ve gone through the entire BENCH/ store and picked out the best gifts for your loved ones, all by color. And if you’re looking for something special without breaking the bank, we’ve also included our holiday bundles in the mix — these start at just P58. Now make sure you’ve got your list and checked it twice, ‘cause it’s going to be a colorful Christmas.

Sneakers, P899.75; Cap, P349.75; Socks, P59; Fur pouch, P199.75; Skirt, P699.75; Popsicle purse, P79.75

Scarf, P249.75; Plush toy and 95g Tickled Pink moisturizing lotion holiday bundle, P209

Tickled Pink moisturizing lotion, P55; Hand towel (pack of two) holiday bundle, P179

Polo shirt, P459.75; Towel, P195; Mug, P219

Blouse, P699.75; Glasses, P279.75; Daily Spell High Noon body mist, P49; Mug, P219

Umbrella, P429.75; Long Island Stawberries hand wash, P129; Sunglasses, P349.75; Bag, P299.75; Blouse, P699.75

Joggers, P799.75; The Flash deodorant body spray, P168; Sneakers, P999.75; Visor, P329.75; Socks, P79

Cap, P379.75; Printed pouch, P199.75; Socks, P79; Glasses, P279.75; Polo shirt, P599.75

Bratsplash Green Apple hand sanitizer with moisturizing aloe, P125 and P45; Long-sleeved shirt, P459.75; Daily Scent and hand towel holiday bundle, P109

Slippers, P379; Tin can and hand towel holiday bundle, P109; Wallet, P349.75; Sunglasses, P299.75

Bag, Sneakers, Denim jacket with removable collar, Bag, Coin purse

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