The “Naked Truth” of Michael Cinco

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Enchong Dee wearing Michael Cinco accessories, from BENCH’s underwear show in 2012. Photo by Klay.

By Michi Ancheta

No fashion show in the country has captured the attention and interest of the general public more than the BENCH Denim & Underwear Show. Since it first started in the late ‘90s, the highly anticipated event has merged couture and retail, as well as art and entertainment, and exhibited this to an ever-growing audience. No other brand or fashion event had done this before.

This year, BENCH promises to take it a notch higher as they stage their most daring show yet. CEO and visionary behind the brand Ben Chan says, “Our last show was hard to top, being massive and grand, and so we thought of changing the direction. The Naked Truth is going back to the basics, to the naked—the bare bones of an underwear show.”

Slated for September 19, The Naked Truth will be done in collaboration with renowned production group 7Doigts and will feature the work of international heavyweights including celebrated Filipino designer Michael Cinco.


Beyonce wears Michael Cinco in her video for “Haunted”

In this exclusive interview with B/BLOG, the Dubai-based designer spills a few secrets on what the audience should expect from the star-studded event and  why this is one show you wouldn’t want to miss.

How did BENCH approach you for the show?

BENCH asked me last year to design a couture line of underwear. I have been collaborating with BENCH for the past two major shows: 2010 and 2012. I think it’s the perfect time for me to launch my own underwear line under BENCH.

How involved were you in The Naked Truth?

I will do a segment from my own designs of underwear in black collection. It’s all about temptation and seduction.


Jake Cuenca in a BENCH Body campaign from 2010 featuring accessories by Michael Cinco

How is The Naked Truth different from the past underwear shows?

The past two shows were all about extravagance. They were lavish productions. I made fabulous accessories and crystallized underwear, reflecting glamour and couture. This time the show will focus more on the body and the underwear. It’s more about the attitude and confidence that you exude while in BENCH underwear. Most accessories are focused on enhancing the body forms, hip and young. And I think BENCH will use a lot of international top models and will import international artists and directors to have a different approach for the show.

LA Fashion week 2013

Michael Cinco in LA Fashion Week 2013

As a designer, what was the most challenging aspect for you in collaborating for this show?

Although ideas and designs are limitless, It is always difficult to create something couture in underwear. At the end of the day, people will buy the underwear, not the accessories.

How do you think the BENCH Fashion Show measures or will measure on a global scale?

It is at par or yet better than any underwear shows I’ve ever seen from all over the world. It is even more grand and star-studded than the Victoria Secret Fashion shows.

BENCH’s “Naked Truth” fashion show will be held on September 19

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