The New Girls

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Photography by Roy Macam
Styling by Sam Potenciano
Makeup by Angie Cruz of Shu Uemura I Hair by Hyatt Laurel
Models (L-R): Jana Stuntz (Calcarrie’s), Haily Kim, Chanel Thomas (IM Agency), Katarina Rodriguez (Prima Stella Management), Anna Bradborn (Calcarrie’s), Tola Orendain (PMAP)
Shot on location at Enderun Colleges

Get your picture taken these days and you’ve got all eyes—or a whole lot of them—on you. Anyone with decent bone structure and a mastery of which filters most flatter can pose, pout, and rack up a following on Instagram. There are those poised for larger things, however. More than a quick like and scroll-down, these girls strut down lengthy catwalks, land massive magazine spreads, and serve up our every fantasy through a whole lot of face.

With summer ending and a clean slate ahead, B/BLOG rounded up a slew of rising names in modeling and dressed them in new-school year whites and lights.

Sitting pretty in the bitch-eat-bitch campus known as the fashion industry, their standout looks and personalities keep that notion of “fierceness” as fresh as possible.


On Katarina: Lace cardigan and sneakers by BENCH | Camisole bra by BENCH body | Khaki pants by Kashieca


Fine form: Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 finalist. “What helped in the competition was my lack of experience—I didn’t have any habits that I picked up from prior experiences. I was a blank canvas and fast learner. You could see my improvement from episode 1 to the finale.

Top moments since Top Model: Asia’s Next Top Model really opened a lot of doors for me. I met the hairstylist and makeup artist of the Kardashians, Jessica Alba, Rihanna. I met with the people of Storm Model Management in London. Alex Perry from Australia. A smart model knows you keep in contact with these connections. You try to work with them. My plan right now is to establish myself within the Philippines and also Indonesia because that’s where my market seems to be right now. And just to build my portfolio. I have a lot of catching up to do compared to the other models out there.”

More than a model: “I never thought I’d really become a model. I still study in La Salle and I’m still part of the varsity in track and field. Running will always be my first love so I still run. I also have several personal projects. The first one is my short reality YouTube video blog. I made that so I can keep my relationship with my global fan base. My second personal project is actually a skincare line. I was born with eczema. I figured out how to regulate it and I want to share my secret with the rest of the world. I know what it feels like to be insecure because you have rashes that people are unfamiliar with.”


On Chanel: Blouse by HerBench | Leggings by Kashieca | Sneakers by BENCH


Fine form: “I started modeling in Australia on and off and studying. I got picked for a competition called Face of the ECHO, which is a big deal in Australia. Then I got picked for Australia’s Next Top Model. I also got picked for a Channel V presenting competition. Here, Ford Supermodel.”

More than a model: “I’m going all-out—fashion in my first year and TV presenting next year. The more I talk about wanting to host, the more people give me the opportunity to talk more. So I’ve been working on my Tagalog and turning down my accent just konti lang because I don’t want to lose it—even if some people say it gives them a nosebleed. It’s my passion to do presenting but the thing is, I know I can’t get it straightaway. So for the first year, I need to work really hard to get my name out, get into all the shoots and shows, and build my base there.”

You’ve got to feature three things on your future lifestyle TV show. Quick, what would you choose: “I would interview my friend Patricia Prieto because she’s doing really well as a fashion blogger. I’d interview Jake Cuenca, ‘cause he’s my boyfriend and he’s already there and I can ask all the questions I want to and he can’t say no, and then a place I’d like to go to is Palawan. I’d love to do a segment on that. I want to show that untouched beauty.”


On Jana: Bowler hat by HUMAN | Top by BENCH | Shorts and slip-ons by Human


Fine form: A finalist in the Ford Supermodel of the World competition of 2011 before Calcarrie’s signed her. A designer darling during numerous Philippine Fashion Weeks, walking for everyone from Ezra Santos to Michael Cinco.

More than a model: “I’m from Pampanga and I’m on my 4th year, taking up architecture at Holy Angel University there. I advanced a few subjects for my 5th year to lighten my load in the next school year. In my free time, I like drawing and painting in mostly watercolor. I sketch a lot of girls in dresses that I fancy in Fashion Week. (Shows sketch) The inspiration behind this girl is Georgina from her scents campaigns.”


Fine form: A runway regular under Calcarrie’s since 2012. Currently an incoming 9th grader at OB Montessori, Pampanga. At 6”, she is the tallest girl in her batch.

More than a model: “For the rest of the summer, I just want to watch cartoons and eat. Although I need to lose weight ‘cause I’m getting fat. I love my ice cream and pizza (laughs).”


Collared polo by HUMAN black| Striped top by Kashieca | Shorts by BENCH


On Haily: Blazer and sneakers by BENCH | Top and khaki pants by HerBench


Fine form: Started modeling three years ago, her first project being a fashion editorial for YStyle. Now touted “the next Jessica Yang.”

More than a model: “I like to do watercolor, painting landscapes. I studied fine arts in Germany before but haven’t finished. Maybe next year, I’ll go back there to study.”


Fine form: Signed to PMAP in high school. Has appeared in editorials for Mega, YStyle, and 2BU!

Model behavior: “Until now, I’m still super tomboy. My brother’s into sports so I said, ‘What am I going to do with myself while I still can?’ Modeling is a challenge and I want to do my best at it and make something of myself while I still can. I learned that you can bring out your natural self and when you’re natural, it’s better in pictures. If you force it, it won’t do any good. Right now, my favorite icon is Sui He. She’s the second Asian model who’s walked for Victoria’s Secret. I also like Adrianne Ho.”

More than a model: “I like to paint a lot. I’m very much into typography and on my Instagram, it’s always painting quotes. Right now, I just started using watercolor but I’m not that good. That’s what I wanted to do with marketing and modeling—combine both. Like creating a brand image and everything.”


On Tola: Polo by Kashieca | Pants and sneakers by HUMAN



Screen Mesh Pullover  I  Comfy Casual Denim Shorts  I  Breezy Tee  I  Studded White Tank  

B/SEEN: Marvin Conanan of CHIEF Clothing
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