Outtakes from “Into the Blue,” Benchmark September Issue


Pieces by Jairus Sumineg
Photography by Roy Macam
Styling by Andre Chang
Hair by Renz Pangilinan
Makeup by Owen Sarmiento
Modeled by Connor Breen (Elite) and Cassy Naidas (Mercator)

Impressive structures require a sturdy foundation. To anchor the couture pieces of an ambitious crop of designers, renegade stylist Andre Chang used BENCH Body underwear as a strong base.

In “Into the Blue,” a fashion editorial in BENCHMARK’s September issue, these bold undergarments provide a proper canvas for the designers’ grand style statements. Evidently, Chang and designers Renan Pacson, Jaggy Glarino, Jairus Sumineg, Patrick Starr Isorena, and Herbert Custodio had a lot to say. B/BLOG publishes some outtakes from the shoot. They’re a good reminder that underwear can go over the top, above and beyond.


Design by Anthony Ramirez


Designs by Jaggy Glarino


Designs by Jaggy Glarino


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