Presents for Papa: A Father’s Day Gift Guide

Fashion Market Editor JED GREGORIO
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We’ve got to hand it to them. Our dads like to think they know it all, and when it comes to their personal style, they actually do. Forthcoming and practical, most fathers won’t think twice about the clothes they wear on their broad backs.

It’s not for lack of thought. Dads know exactly what they want, and there’s no second-guessing any of it. They’ll slap on a sports shirt or a company jacket without a wink of irony. Papa only wants to please himself.

For that baffling Father’s Day gift, the fix is not to lead dad to high-fashion territory. He’s in Sunday’s-best-derivative domain, and he’s not going anywhere. Instead, give him something he would have picked out himself. The perfect father’s day gift should look like it was pulled out from his closet. It’s his day, after all.

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The incognito cargo.
His baggy tendencies are forever, but the dowdy beige doesn’t have to be. A pair in the right hue will help tighten the view without compromising comfort. Drawstring shorts, P699.75

The detailed duffel. For fatherly fans of camou, leather detailing will help add a touch of sophistication to the rugged, war-torn pattern. Camou duffel bag, P899.75

The printed weekenders. Help him take his favorite plaid shirt to the next level with matching loafers. The upside: He doesn’t have to wear them together. Plaid loafers, P599.75

The trim billfold. Your dad’s been carrying his hard-earned money in a worn out old thing since the 70s. If anything’s retiring soon, let it be the wallet that’s falling to pieces. Wallet, P259.75

The longtime dream. Though he probably won’t admit it, your dad still wants to be Eric Bana from Black Hawk Down. A smart pair of sunglasses will bring him a little closer to the dream. Aviator sunglasses, P349.75

The mild statement. Let him in on the statement socks trend so he can seem a little more relatable at the office. When choosing prints, think mild, not bold. Socks, P99

The faux-skin belt. Give him a little glamor without the guilt. Around the waist is the perfect place to rock for some synthetic hide. Belt, P249.75

The London native. For want of an international sensibility to his wardrobe, he’d appreciate a nice cotton scarf that he can also ward off noisy neighborhood children with. Scarf, P299

The timekeeper. A large-face watch will assist his failing vision and add some mass to his forearm. He’ll also keep better track of the time, which he likes to set 30 minutes in advance. Watch, P2,350

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