Saving Suave


All clothes by BENCH 
Photography by Gabby Cantero
Grooming by Meiko Kato
Styling by Vince Crisostomo
Modeled by Miko de los Reyes

With #Normcore at its height, guys these days may be taking it a little too easy when it comes to style. The lazy look might have worked for a minute but with sweatpants and slouchy tees as the go-to for whatever occasion, comfort has crossed over to carelessness. At this new low point in dressing down, B/BLOG felt the need to rebuild a proper men’s wardrobe with some streamlined pieces from BENCH.

Who better to model this return to structure than newly minted architect Miko de los Reyes? From spruce shirt-and-jacket combos to tight statement accessories like the neckerchief seen below, there is reason and refinement in these menswear essentials, much like Miko’s dream home.

“I have a really simple plan—I don’t like houses with two floors or partitions. I’d like it as just one big open space,” says the erstwhile commercial model, who is as stoic in person as the tireless runner he plays in the latest Ang Bandang Shirley music video.

Asked if his ideal partner is as open as his ideal space, he concurs. “I think I’m pretty transparent as well. Usually you can tell what I’m feeling, what I’m thinking from my face,” he says. Based on the wink he gives us here, we’d say he’s feeling pretty darn good in these clothes.







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