Seeing Good


Eyewear by SEE Concept I Shirt by BENCH
Photography by Gabby Cantero with assistance from Cru Camara
Makeup by Arabella Paner
Produced by Paolo Lorenzana with assistance from Ina Jacobe

Surrounded by so many options, focus is a problem for this generation. For some, however, passion comes easily so that the big picture is always clear.

These days, nothing says purposeful vision like a pair of reading glasses. With slick, soft frames in tortoiseshell or classic black wayfarer, French eyewear label See Concept offers a far-out solution to nearsightedness.

Looking through these modern frames, drinks dynamo David Ong, fashion vigilante Esme Palaganas, and musical fresh-maker King Puentespina make up a handful of young visionaries who never lose sight of their purpose. You could say this is a four-eyed lot led by foresight in their respective callings.

Of course, when you’re able to see this well, you might be able to see things differently—at least enough to change them.

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Eyewear by SEE Concept I Shirt by BENCH

David Ong

27, Entrepreneur – The Curator Coffee & Cocktails and EDSA Beverage Design Group

Where have you seen inspiration lately?

To me, inspiration is everywhere. In coffee, Kapo Chiu of The Cupping Room in Hong Kong. He was a finalist at the World Barista Championship this year. In cocktails, there’s Peter Chua of 28 Hong Kong Street in Singapore. He was a finalist for Diageo Reserve World Class Bartender of the Year 2014. In sports, the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA and Team Germany for FIFA, both of which showed exemplary teamwork. And in general, my teammates in both The Curator and EDSA BDG, as well as like-minded people who excel in their respective industries.

What are you looking forward to doing soon?

My role in The Sandbox Collective’s new project, The Imaginarium, held from October 28 to 31. It’s challenging and inspiring at the same time!

What vision do you have for your business?  

To be the best that we can be by learning more, spreading awareness, sharing knowledge, producing high-quality products—and baristas, bartenders, too—and engaging our customers with excellent service. While Manila’s nice, it would be amazing to be known for what we do internationally.


Shirt by BENCH


Eyewear by SEE Concept I Top by HerBench

Esme Palaganas

20, Freelance Design Consultant

What are you currently working on?

I’m working as a design consultant for a manufacturing company and I’m also in the process of creating a new collection for my brand, Basic Movement, for a pop-up store opening this September. There will be updates on I just graduated so the fact that I hold my own time is both exciting and intimidating.

Where have you seen inspiration lately?

Lately, I’ve been inspired by the great jazz singer, Nina Simone and her soulful performances. Movies always inspire me, especially the classics. I just saw An Affair to Remember and the ‘50s movie glamour is, without a doubt, fascinating.

What vision do you have for your craft?

Naturally, I want to learn more. I want to be more proficient in CAD. I want to study management, fabrication, and textiles. I want to be know more about the RTW industry. But besides that, I want to collaborate with more people, not just in the fashion industry. The Philippine retail fashion industry is growing so fast, which means more people to share ideas with. Exciting times!



Eyewear by SEE Concept I Jacket & t-shirt by BENCH

King Puentespina

21, Producer (CRWN), Drummer for She’s Only Sixteen, and Business Management Student at DLSU

Where have you seen inspiration lately?

I just came from a surf trip with my friends this weekend and we chanced upon this beautiful sunset. We sat on the beach and just watched it sink into the ocean. It looked like something Mac Demarco would play over or something. It was great.

What are you looking forward to doing soon?

Definitely travel and write more music. It’s been crazy here lately and I just want to take a nice trip out of the country to work on a few tracks. If that doesn’t happen soon, then I could just go on my bed, have an avocado shake, and put a nice movie on.

What vision do you have for your craft?

I’m collaborating with different talented artists so that’s something I’m looking forward to. I’m working on a lot of material to be put out soon. I have to pay attention to a lot of technical skills that I still lack so there’s still a lot I have to do. But I’ll get there hopefully!


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