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As a host on Eat Bulaga!, Val Weigmann knows a lot about surprises. “I’m really open to new experiences. I started [writing] in Germany and just wanted to get the experience on how it is to be a writer here, to be behind the scenes of a TV show,” says the Fil-German, who was interning at GMA’s writing department before the network offered her a gig in front of the cameras. The PMAP model has become a main attraction on the segment, serving up some serious eye candy alongside all the gags and gimmicks.

While taking an evening dip in BenchBody swimwear, Val shares a few more surprises with B/BLOG, from her love for comic books to recently parting her pretty lips for balut. Güten grief, this woman!

What led to you moving to the Philippines in 2008?

I came here because I was on Pinoy Big Brother. The auditions are in Germany and I did another audition in Madrid and after six months, I already got the call for Manila. After PBB, I decided to go into the modeling muna because I never really tried it. Even in Germany, I was actually working lang. I was writing din at the time. It was exciting for me—‘Oh, why not?’

Was the idea to put up your German restaurant, BAMM, also as spontaneous?

When I presented the idea to my friends, they were really interested. In Europe, you can find a doner shop in every corner. I never saw any doner shops here in the Philippines or German food mixed with Mediterranean. Everything went well since BAMM opened. I hope that I also open another café with one of my closest friends, Catriona (Gray). We’re actually having plans already of opening one within this year.

How did you become such great BFFs with Catriona?

We had a lot of fashion shows together. The first fashion show we had, we had a very, very long conversation. We have the same dream, actually: putting up a lot of businesses. We have a lot of interests also in music. Since I love reading graphic novels, she also got very interested in it, so yeah…

Which graphic novels do you girls geek out over? 

Crossed? I don’t know if you’ve heard about it already. Medyo gory. We like the gory stuff, actually. What else—Revival, she also started reading it. And Y: The Last Man. The latest comic I got into is Alex + Ada. Saga is also one of my favorites. And Deadly Class, which I also recently discovered in FullyBooked and Comic Odyssey. I’m really going through everything—looking at new artists and writers. I feel inspired every time I see something new.


Men’s tank by BENCH I Pants by Karen Millen

Do you dive into a new comic after a long day of taping, like today?

Normally, I would watch a good DVD, listen to my favorite chillout playlist, and read a good book or comic. Also, go online and research for new comics.

You’re also very social media-savvy. What goes through your head when you encounter yet another comment on how you look like Georgina Wilson?

For me, if people are thinking it, it’s fine. Me and her looking alike—yeah, can be. She’s really beautiful and everything. I have nothing against it (laughs).

Definitely. And what are you looking forward to doing over the summer?

I’m excited because I already booked my tickets for Bali. I also have a shoot coming up in Coron. A very exciting shoot, actually—it’s gonna be a cover shoot. And also, excited for my next trip because I’m going to Tokyo just to explore the whole city.

When you go to Tokyo, are you willing to try the blowfish?

Yeah, of course! I would try it.

Any new risks you’ve taken lately?

Balut. I was like, ‘Hey, why not, I’m curious.’ So I eat the whole balut—sarap. Even the chick. For a time, it was kind of furry and weird eating it, but great experience, really. It’s actually really yummy. In Germany, we never have something like that so even my mom was like, ‘Wow, congratulations.’


Bikini by BenchBody


Bikini by BenchBody




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