• MUST-GET ACCESSORY: Bold Sunglasses
    “Despite the current cold spell, it’s too sunny in this country not to have a cool pair of sunnies handy. There’s an amazing influx of choices hitting the retail scene now so the hard part is choosing.”
  • MUST-DO DIET: Pizza Versus Edward Mendez
    “I’m still studying Edward Mendez’s “eat more, exercise less” book. I like the mantra; it’s just a matter of making the time and switching up food choices. I will however say that I refuse to be corny and too obsessed about dieting. What’s the fun in that?” Lately, I’ve been obsessed with pizza: crust thickness, artisanal toppings, create-your-own, etc. With so many new pizza places popping up, I need to schedule at least one pizza night a week to try them all.”
    “You’ll appreciate the benefits over time.”
  • STYLE TREND: The Luxe Casual Look
    “We’ll see more of the luxe casual trend of the past couple seasons—the luxe part coming in the form of fabrics, embellishment, and art prints. We’re all appreciating the comfort all the stylized sportswear brings with it.”
  • HOTSHOT PHOTOGRAPHERS: “Q.T.” & Jo Ann Bitagcol
    “[Preview] recently tapped a young photographer who’s documenting parties for us. He has a knack for capturing unguarded moments. To avoid pre-empting the coming issues, I’ll just say that his initials are Q.T. Other than that, I like the style and energy of Jo Ann Bitagcol’s photographs. She has a way of capturing the natural energy of her subjects, minus all the bells and whistles of added production. It’s refreshing.”

    (Photo caption: Photo of Jo Ann Bitagcol from
  • MUST-HAVE HAIR: The Undone ‘Do
    “I’m loving how less coiffed, more undone ‘dos are taking precedence now. Looking effortless requires a lot of effort so must-haves are a great haircut and great maintenance products.”

New Year, new obsessions on the horizon. We asked Executive Editor of Preview Magazine, Isha Vallés, what’s on her radar, from fashion fixations to diet crazes. Brave the hot trends of 2014 with this New Year’s starter kit!

Preview Magazine's Isha Valles

Preview Magazine’s Isha Valles

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