Starting the year right

Photography by Renzo Navarro
Styled by Nash Cruz
Make up by Bea Colet
Modeled by Trina Rivilla

Some songs and photos to put you in the right mood this 2018.

Ah, January. The new year always brings about a new beginning, a fresh start, a clean slate. Whether or not you think that this time of year is nothing but an arbitrary social construct with no significant astrological meaning, you can’t deny the effect it has on people. January feels like early morning in the day that is the year, and we all know that we have to start our days right, lest we run the risk of causing a bad domino effect. The best thing to do? Just get ahead of it. And what better way than with a playlist to put you right in a fresh mood. Sun’s out, chins up, earphones on—it’s going to be a great year ahead.

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