NO SWEAT: Summer Booze & Bandanas

Cocktail 3

Frozen mojito from Big Bad Wolf in Bonifacio Global City I Bandana by BENCH
Photography by Ina Jacobe

Hot summer days go well with something icy, fruity, and preferably with a kick. As the sun festively brightens things and you’re the most relaxed you’ll ever be, there’s no better time to sip on a cool cocktail by the pool—or whatever body of water you’ve decided to lounge by. 

Visiting three places with exciting new cocktail programs, B/BLOG rounded up a trio of mixed drinks that offer sweet liquid escape (and a nice buzz) from the heat!

Whatever frosty summer drink you choose, wrap your glass in one of BENCH’s eye-catching bandanas to keep the sweat from dripping. Call it a do-it-yourself drink sleeve. Just another way you can live life with flavor with your favorite brand.


Liquor Base: Rum

Nothing says vacation—or sunset happy hour—like a frozen mojito. This one packs a cool burst from rum, lime juice, and a whole lot of blended fresh mint. The summer drink staple gets even sweeter with a stick of sugar cane you can use as a stirrer.

Cocktail 1

Age of Enlightenment from Wildflour in Bonifacio Global City I Handkerchief by BENCH


Liquor Base: Gin

Transcend the heat with The Age of Enlightenment, a mix of Bombay Sapphire gin, lime juice, egg white, and a refreshing touch of sage and orange flower water. Topped with passionfruit foam, you’ll be floating above the clouds.


Liquor Base: Tequila

Get some tropical thunder from the Sweet Soul Picnic, which includes the shake and rattle of Sauza Tequila Gold, fresh watermelon, and cardamom-spiced agave syrup.

Cocktail 2

Sweet Soul Picnic from ‘Cue in Bonifacio Global City I Bandana by BENCH




 Bandana  I  Men’s Handkerchief 

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