That Day with Dad

  Words by Marga Buenaventura Dads may not always know best. They’re the ones who let us eat too much ice cream, sneak in an extra hour of TV on a school night, or mess up our party clothes at the playground. Our dads may usually be in charge of play, but there are times […]

BENCH MEETS Christian & Chelsea of ABS-CBN’s “I Do”

No matter the storm, good love is bound to weather anything. For model mates Chelsea Robato and Christian Busby, relationship realness came in the form of a reality show. On ABS-CBN’s I Do, hosted by Judy Ann Santos, nine couples are secluded in middle-of-nowhere Cavite, where they undertake various challenges that test their bond. The […]

Strangers on a Bus – Stories from the City (Part 3)

In a city where people are always on the go, it takes another person to slow things down and make your heart stop. B/BLOG tells the story of two people who share a private moment in public transport. Health food blogger/TV host Mari Jasmine and pilot Ernie Miranda play passengers on the same nightly bus […]

Nightcrawlers – Stories From the City (Part 2)

Darker days in the city call for wild nights of release. For a bunch of cool kids, midyear rains and ho-hum routines justify deliverance through flashing club lights and explosive beats. Sam, Gustavo, and Kevin head to Makati’s Black Market, where the bar’s Riot House Saturdays promise a night of abandon. Beer bongs are passed […]

Shot at the Night – Stories From the City (Part I)

The impulse to wander may have drifted with summer, but the city still inspires its own journeys. In Part I of B/BLOG’s “Stories From the City,” two lovers navigate the thrilling start of a relationship—and in the perfect date night outfits from BENCH. Chris and Maan play a couple that met one fine summer day […]

BENCH MEETS Rebecca Coates & Mitzie Lao of Dani Girl

In the age of viral videos, all this talk of theater dying is no surprise. Launched last week and running until July 27, a musical called Dani Girl has got us thinking, however. The Dani in this musical is a nine-year-old girl who learns that her cancer is back, but not without the consolation of her cheeky guardian […]


  B/BLOG would guess there’s enough of Jeff Langan scattered among countless phones right now. When the California-bred model emerged on Instagram flexing a body as magnificent and golden as the face of a canyon at sunset, imagine how many people screen-capped it and sent it to their friends, and they to their friends. A […]

B/SEEN: Marvin Conanan of CHIEF Clothing

More than leading by style, Marvin Conanan opts to lead a positive lifestyle through it. His men’s streetwear label, CHIEF, beams don’t-worry-be-happy vibes through t-shirts with printed dictums like “Life’s a Beach” and “Take a Dip.” “The main concept behind the brand is to promote a positive and inspiring lifestyle,” says Chief’s chief, Marvin, whose […]

ASSEMBLY: Music Festival Musts

Massive summer music festival lineups give a chock-full of reasons to snag a ticket and dive into a sea of people. But with durations that drag on, unwieldy crowds, and outdoor venues at the height of summer heat, there are also enough reasons to proceed with caution. It’s a rip-roaring celebration until your feet give […]