Go High or Go Home

  While the rest of the world is fast asleep, you’ve made other plans. Even with a shimmery dress and flawless makeup, stepping out for the night still calls for a little something extra. Slip into these sky-high heels from your favorite Suyen brands for a night that’s a little bit Cinderella, and lot more […]

YOUTH ISSUES – Scout & Chalk

Years after people have declared that “print is dead,” the magazine continue to thrive. Underground titles emerge everyday, while powerhouse publishing houses still sell thousands of copies each month. September is considered to be the New Year for magazines, with each one busting out bigger, thicker, and better issues. The Philippines is no exception to […]

Not One Look

Like trends, models live out mere blips in the fashion world. But unlike trends, the most beautiful boys and girls to ever walk a runway don’t get to make any comebacks. Still, there are a handful you see again. “I remember there was a time I would come out in three different magazines each month […]

The Evolution of Man Candy

  No matter how desired a male model is, there’s no denying his disposability. One day, he’s wearing the clothes of the moment; the next, he’s considered worn out. In an industry of fleeting trends, there will always be fresher faces, firmer bodies, and foreigners flown in for the next flash-in-the-pan look.             But amid […]

That Day with Dad

  Words by Marga Buenaventura Dads may not always know best. They’re the ones who let us eat too much ice cream, sneak in an extra hour of TV on a school night, or mess up our party clothes at the playground. Our dads may usually be in charge of play, but there are times […]

The First Time We Didn’t Meet

In a city so small, it’s a wonder how we can still overlook the one thing we’re looking for. In this B/BLOG story of missed connections, rising model Elena Ortega and musical dynamo Rez Toledo (the artist formerly known as Somedaydream) play ideal mates who just barely intersect. Amid the distraction of technology and the […]