YOUTH ISSUES – Scout & Chalk

Years after people have declared that “print is dead,” the magazine continue to thrive. Underground titles emerge everyday, while powerhouse publishing houses still sell thousands of copies each month. September is considered to be the New Year for magazines, with each one busting out bigger, thicker, and better issues. The Philippines is no exception to […]

B/PROUD: A Bench/ Pride Month Special– Part 1 of 4

You can’t deny the strength in numbers—strength necessary for a war that’s surprisingly still fought today. When Philippine church and state think homosexuality can be suppressed and many Filipinos consider it a joke, it helps to present a reality that’s clear, vivid, and as solid as the number 100. The B/PROUD campaign was born from […]

The Backpacker

Everyone knows that quote about the journey and the destination. Heading to a foreign country, hitting the pavement, getting lost however which way is just another route to finding yourself. Of course, your great escape warrants a few essentials, some of which you’ll need to keep handy. Roomy backpacks like the ones B/BLOG strapped our […]

Hot Heads: Hair That’s in Shape for the Summer

The summer sun doesn’t just put a spotlight on the bodies we’ve worked on, but the body we keep up top. Less clothes means more attention on our hair, which should keep its shape in the face of the heat and humidity. While taking a dip in the ocean gives your hair a wet n’ […]

Lost Boys

It’s too hot to stay still. With the sun beating down, there’s no better time to hit the road and head out into the wild. But what route to take? As B/BLOG shows, there’s no wrong way when you’re with the right company—or wearing the right clothes. In this case, ruggedly cool outfitting and accessories […]


Stay in school, kids, and you may find yourselves sitting pretty one day. Through a thesis grant from her university, Tini Dahl was visiting the Philippines to research the country’s economic development when the Fil-Norwegian stunner started turning heads and setting off camera flashes.