B/SEEN: #BenchMovieContest Winner Krib Baltazar

If you aren’t still living life with flavor months after summer, you’ve missed the point of BENCH’s recent slogan. One guy we aren’t worried about in the carpe diem department is Krib Baltazar. The Aeronautical Engineering student gave @benchtm followers major FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) with his entry to our end-of-summer movie contest. Demonstrating […]

ASSEMBLY: Music Festival Musts

Massive summer music festival lineups give a chock-full of reasons to snag a ticket and dive into a sea of people. But with durations that drag on, unwieldy crowds, and outdoor venues at the height of summer heat, there are also enough reasons to proceed with caution. It’s a rip-roaring celebration until your feet give […]

Coming of Age

With the freedom summer brings, anything is possible. The second part of B/BLOG’s “Stories of Summer” shows an unlikely coupling during the summer break. At a vacation town’s pier, Emil spots Sandra, an incoming senior at the school where he’s just wrapped up his freshman year. Getting close to the older girl proves a challenge, […]

Vince Ferraren is King of the Court

It takes a little more than height to stand out in the world, much less in Bench Universe. That something extra set Vince Ferraren apart when he attended a go-see for the big-ticket underwear show two years ago. With wisecracks and a warm demeanor, the Fil-Aussie’s personality shone as prominently as his six feet and […]

Facing the Sun: Summer Makeup Tips from Krist Bansuelo

  During a scorching summer, getting done up can be a tricky thing if you’re heading out. With sweat as a threat, you need to know how best to wield your makeup brush against the harsh elements. B/BLOG sought the wisdom of Krist Bansuelo, a go-to guy who’s beautified many of our Benchsetters. Click through […]

The Backpacker

Everyone knows that quote about the journey and the destination. Heading to a foreign country, hitting the pavement, getting lost however which way is just another route to finding yourself. Of course, your great escape warrants a few essentials, some of which you’ll need to keep handy. Roomy backpacks like the ones B/BLOG strapped our […]

NO SWEAT: Summer Booze & Bandanas

Hot summer days go well with something icy, fruity, and preferably with a kick. As the sun festively brightens things and you’re the most relaxed you’ll ever be, there’s no better time to sip on a cool cocktail by the pool—or whatever body of water you’ve decided to lounge by.  Visiting three places with exciting […]

Through the Roof: The Standouts of Summer

Imagine a year without summer. Without the sun’s requisite slap in the face to remind you that you can take a break from routine and all the resolutions you set out to accomplish. Breaks are scheduled this time of the year for a reason and B/BLOG gathered a group of young people who most certainly […]