#BenchBodyLanguage: Valentyn Korolkov

There are dangerous gazes and then there is the penetrating stare of Valentyn Korolkov. From the cold, distant reaches of the Ukraine, the male model dropped by the Philippines early this year and then dropped trou for BENCH BLOG right before he left. Right in time for Halloween, an Eastern European hottie whose bad boy […]

#BenchBodyLanguage: Alec Saubier

  As a Marketing student at DLSU, Alec Saubier knows how to effectively get a message across to a whole lot of people. The message is a positive one: the benefits of living healthy. The medium: his body, of course.             Appearing on the student body-appraising Hotlist, Alec knows that more than becoming an object […]

#BenchBodyLanguage: Lui Sunico

  Poetry can be tricky to navigate, but college dude Lui Sunico isn’t one to back out of a challenge. In between classes and lazy days with his friends, the Early Childhood Education student from De La Salle University Manila enjoys penning down a poem or two. None of those cheesy rhyming ones for this […]

#BenchBodyLanguage: Property Consultant Paolo Amores

It takes a good, sturdy man to know a good, sturdy building. As a Property Investment Consultant for Alveo Land, Paolo Amores represents his properties well. With a sculpted body and spruce appearance, Paolo inspires confidence in the condos he handles, especially with his absolute comfort in self. Before a day of showing clients the […]

#BenchBodyLanguage: Hip-Hop Dancer Zeus Collins

Words by Margarita Buenaventura There’s nothing quite like a man who knows how to bare himself, be it sharing his feelings or shedding his clothes. Model Zeus is a master of both. The ramp and commercial model also happens to be an aspiring performer, making himself vulnerable at Peta Theater workshops and dancing to his […]

#BenchBodyLanguage: Flow Artist Gino Santiago

Consider the rain the perfect reason to stay in and go with the flow. If there’s anyone you’d want to be stuck indoors with, it would have to be Gino Santiago, a man with many means to entertain himself. As a flow artist, the 33-year-old can gracefully manipulate whatever prop you put in front of […]

Free Ellen Adarna

In local show business, no one has proven she’s a free bitch, baby, more than one Ellen Adarna. The girl says what she wants, does what she wants, and is absolutely comfortable in her own skin (more so when that skin is bare). Add to that an ability to serve up wild acting talent in […]

Lessons in Body Language – Session 3

It isn’t easy to teach bodily self-expression. Comfort has to come from within. Once again, B/BLOG conducts another lesson in body language, capturing some fine examples of what it means to be at ease. This time, our #BenchBodyLanguage class expands with an engineer, a digital content director, a resort owner, and a basketball player, none […]

B/TV: Arnold Van Opstal Dresses for Christmas

All clothes by BENCH I Directed & Edited by Bardo Wu and Jake Jereza I Grooming by Meiko Kato I Styling by Sam Potenciano I Special thanks to Paula Punla   Green Archer Arnold Van Opstal is seeing more green and red these days what with Christmas fast approaching. Through this B/TV holiday special, AVO […]