B/TV: “Nice to Meet Me” – A Celebration of Singlehood

By now, you may have spotted BENCH’s “Love All Kinds of Love” campaign along EDSA. While the billboards elevate and equalize love in all its forms, we shouldn’t forget about the relationship that keeps us loving—the one you have with yourself. Even without a date or mate this Valentine’s, one can be perfectly fine on […]

Strangers on a Bus – Stories from the City (Part 3)

In a city where people are always on the go, it takes another person to slow things down and make your heart stop. B/BLOG tells the story of two people who share a private moment in public transport. Health food blogger/TV host Mari Jasmine and pilot Ernie Miranda play passengers on the same nightly bus […]

ASSEMBLY: Ready for the Rain

Summer has gone from sizzle to fizzle. While the rainy season’s dark days are ahead, you’ve still got creative control on what’s above you. Bright colors and whimsical prints distinguish BENCH’s new umbrellas, be it a collapsible type in polka dot or a hook-handle model in lime green. At least designs this attractive make for […]

NO SWEAT: Summer Booze & Bandanas

Hot summer days go well with something icy, fruity, and preferably with a kick. As the sun festively brightens things and you’re the most relaxed you’ll ever be, there’s no better time to sip on a cool cocktail by the pool—or whatever body of water you’ve decided to lounge by.  Visiting three places with exciting […]