Lazy Daze

It’s hard to move when the sun’s in your eyes. That’s all well and good—all we need is a slather of SPF and each other’s company, lying around and talking about everything and nothing at all. Going places costs too much and takes too much effort. But looking at you drying out on your beach […]

Cut the Cute

Words by Margarita Buenaventura Ask a short girl about this and she’ll roll her eyes: reaching for the top shelf, riding roller coasters, or getting constantly carded on a night out. Drawing the genetic short straw isn’t always easy. But two friends, Cre and Cara, don’t seem to give a damn about being vertically challenged. […]

B/DAY: Celebrating 27 Years of BENCH with YOUNG STAR

BENCH turns 27 this month. As a salute to the Filipino brand, B/BLOG pays tribute to its very first product and the core of every person’s wardrobe: the basic white t-shirt. To reflect the label’s very foundation, we called upon newspaper youth section Young Star to proclaim a new wave of people whose personal style […]

B/ PROUD: A BENCH/ Pride Month Special – Part 2 of 4

Constricting conventions inspire creative rebellion. The gay community has been exemplary at this. By limiting identity through religion, law, and prejudice, Manila’s queers have found clever ways to live out loud—and often, through a carefree night out. To capture 28 of B/PROUD’s #100HappyGays, B/BLOG headed to Cubao hotspot TODAY x FUTURE, where a predominantly LGBT […]