Court of Appeal

Only in the past decade have we seen men make sport out of style. With NBA players sitting front row at New York Fashion Week and college kids hitting the malls with their shirts tucked and brogues shined, guys are giving fashion a whole lot of focus these days. Among even the most alpha of […]

#BenchBodyLanguage: Alec Saubier

  As a Marketing student at DLSU, Alec Saubier knows how to effectively get a message across to a whole lot of people. The message is a positive one: the benefits of living healthy. The medium: his body, of course.             Appearing on the student body-appraising Hotlist, Alec knows that more than becoming an object […]

#BenchBodyLanguage: Lui Sunico

  Poetry can be tricky to navigate, but college dude Lui Sunico isn’t one to back out of a challenge. In between classes and lazy days with his friends, the Early Childhood Education student from De La Salle University Manila enjoys penning down a poem or two. None of those cheesy rhyming ones for this […]

#BenchBodyLanguage: Paolo Abes

There’s nothing more admirable than discipline in a man, and Paolo Abes has got a lot of it in stock. Though studying Nutrition Dietetics keeps the DLSU student busy, that hasn’t stopped him from keeping up with his workout regimen to maintain an impressively sculpted bod, going as far as waking up early just to […]

B/BIYAHE: Balay Dako & Batangas Boating with Kito Zialcita

  After a season of chasing waves and waterfalls from Taytay to Baler, B/BIYAHE dives back into the staple destinations of summers past. Amid the higher altitude in Tagaytay, new concepts have risen rapidly in the past couple years, from mini-amusement parks to art galleries. And further down south to the old reliable that is […]

B/SEEN: DLSU Lecturer Jake Ruiz

It isn’t often students get schooled on style by one of their college lecturers. DLSU teacher Jake Ruiz, however, serves up some lessons in looking put-together, besides filling young minds with knowledge on desktop publishing. B/BLOG met the 27 year-old at Café de Seoul, a stone’s throw from campus, as he showed off classroom-appropriate getup […]

B/PROUD: A BENCH/ Pride Month Special – Part 3 of 4

Many still consider queerness dangerous territory; its public display, beyond their comfort zone. Filipino men and women who look and act like men and women, yet couple with someone from the same gender, are perceived shameless. Their public affection is seen as transgression, as if to love was a decision to provoke and unsettle. In […]