B/TV: Bench/ Summer 2016 – #EverySummerHasAStory

Under the sun’s stare, anything can happen. The heat spurs us to move – to hit the road, to find shelter, to appreciate things under a brighter light. BENCH Summer 2016 proclaims the season as a setting for adventure, romance, and mystery. This year, the plot thickens with new characters like Coleen Garcia, Michelle Dee, […]

THE NAKED TRUTH, STRIPPED: Exclusive Backstage Photos & Interviews

While everyone seems to have an opinion about the Naked Truth, only its bearers have the body of evidence. To dig up the reality behind the glitz, B/BLOG sent photographer JL Javier backstage to capture the show stripped and vulnerable moments before the onset of thumping house and the gleam of overhead lights. We also got […]

Dominique Cojuangco’s Lighten-Up List

    With a mother who is the paradigm of fierceness, it’s no surprise Dominique Cojuangco chose to pursue fashion design as a career. Taking a quick break from London’s Instituto Marangoni to visit Manila, Dominique joined the BENCH family and recently became one of three ambassadors for BENCH Body’s Skin Whitening Lotion. Besides the […]

B/TV: Bench Body Whitening Lotion TVC, Behind the Scenes

We can’t help but continue soaking in the radiance of BENCH’s freshest faces: Addie Manzano, Sam Rodriguez, and Dominique Cojuangco. The newest endorsers of BENCH Body Whitening Lotion, “the next generation in skin whitening,” are elegant young ladies who have warranted their own spotlight away from parents Edu Manzano, Miguel Rodriguez, and Gretchen Barretto. Of […]

B/TV: Bench Body Whitening Lotion with Nanobright Technology

Bench Body’s illuminating new product required some refreshing new faces to front it. It didn’t have to look too far. On Friday, the brand launched Bench Body Whitening Lotion with three strong women who inherited their parent’s seductively good looks: Dominique Cojuangco (daughter of Gretchen Barretto), Sam Rodriguez (daughter of Miguel Rodriguez), and Addie Manzano […]