Seeing Good

Surrounded by so many options, focus is a problem for this generation. For some, however, passion comes easily so that the big picture is always clear. These days, nothing says purposeful vision like a pair of reading glasses. With slick, soft frames in tortoiseshell or classic black wayfarer, French eyewear label See Concept offers a […]


Manila’s music realm has become so diverse that even the quietest of personalities can sound out. True to his alias Shy Club, the music of DJ-producer Gio Limjoco isn’t the sort that inspires an emcee’s rallying call for shots at a club. Whether he’s tweaking “Yoncé” with a harp or mixing Martin Luther King, Jr.’s […]

B/PROUD: A Bench/ Pride Month Special– Part 1 of 4

You can’t deny the strength in numbers—strength necessary for a war that’s surprisingly still fought today. When Philippine church and state think homosexuality can be suppressed and many Filipinos consider it a joke, it helps to present a reality that’s clear, vivid, and as solid as the number 100. The B/PROUD campaign was born from […]