My Bloody Balikbayan – a B/BLOG Horror Story

Rumors always circulated around the Luneta Hotel. They said it was the place statesmen brought their mistresses. Between the Luneta Hotel and the grand Manila Hotel, the former always had the more interesting stories. Of course, a more interesting story was what he craved in life, which is why he decided to end his own […]

BENCH Meets Cedrick Juan of “Viva Viva Escolta”

The life of theater actor Cedrick Juan is no one-act play. After several successful productions on stage, the Dulaang UP headliner is taking a quick intermission to star in the QCinema short, Viva Viva Escolta. But he’s not bowing down for the curtain call yet. In between dress rehearsals and whole day tapings, Cedrick Juan […]

You Only Live Once

Two decades later, Wes Craven’s Scream still echoes its influence in pop culture. Today, the popularity of the show Scream Queens is proof we haven’t tired of the Slasher genre’s most essential elements: hot hormonal teens, a knife-wielding mystery killer, and an audience yelling at a busty babe to get the F out of wherever she […]

KathNiel Coloring Book Costume Party!

Maybe Halloween should be renamed Independence Day II. Talk about a free pass to indulge whatever fantasy, or put on something fun or freaky. Anything goes, really. On the day where anyone can be whomever they want to be, Benchsetters far and wide have probably entertained the idea of being entertainment royalty in the form […]

Down & Out in Riverdale

After an entire lifespan as a teenager, you’d think Archie Andrews was tired of the same old patterns. The same run-ins with the school principal, the same push and pull between Betty & Veronica, the same letterman jacket, even. BENCH BLOG decided to give Archie a break from the same old. No girls, no gang, […]

KathNiel Paperdoll Costume Party!

Beyond all its treats (cocktails over candy bars nowadays, come on), the fact that we experience them all in costume makes Halloween so great. But because we are trying to be mature, responsible folk, we don’t always get so freaky come the 31st. Staying home and feeling like superstars is just as satisfying. What better […]