BENCH MEETS: Dog Days with Andre Drilon

B/Blog meets no less than four Shiba Inus under the care of Andre Drilon, artist, student, and son of an anchorwoman. Get cozy with the Bench Blog as we snuggle up with our favorite personalities and their furry friends. We’re stepping inside the homes of the most exciting individuals today to see their lives through […]

20 Questions With Carlos and Hannah of Human

Two newcomers from Human’s newest campaign answer the famous Proust questionnaire. The fresh faces of Human’s Adventure is Out There campaign are new, but they feel familiar. Bringing to life the spirit of the escapade are Javy Cang, Kim Cruz, Luigi Pumaren, Carlos Laurel, and Hannah Locsin, five new names that rose to fame with […]

YOUTH ISSUES – Scout & Chalk

Years after people have declared that “print is dead,” the magazine continue to thrive. Underground titles emerge everyday, while powerhouse publishing houses still sell thousands of copies each month. September is considered to be the New Year for magazines, with each one busting out bigger, thicker, and better issues. The Philippines is no exception to […]

BENCH MEETS Addie Manzano

Sometimes, being a spectator can be as intense as the game at play. The rush of action and the roar of a crowd can be absolutely intoxicating. Benchsetter Addie Manzano is familiar with this feeling. As a UAAP courtside reporter and host for ANC show Upfront, Addie stands between the excitement of competition and the […]

A Human Holiday Moment with Nikki Luna & Mikee Carrion

As frequently as Nikki Luna explores the Philippines for her Rappler travel show #SharePH, there’s definitely no keeping her from being home for the holidays. In a year that saw her work exhibited at Art Stage Singapore and a solo show at Silverlens, the acclaimed artist, activist, and HUMAN endorser has been due for a […]

The New Girls

Get your picture taken these days and you’ve got all eyes—or a whole lot of them—on you. Anyone with decent bone structure and a mastery of which filters most flatter can pose, pout, and rack up a following on Instagram. There are those poised for larger things, however. More than a quick like and scroll-down, […]

Hot Heads: Hair That’s in Shape for the Summer

The summer sun doesn’t just put a spotlight on the bodies we’ve worked on, but the body we keep up top. Less clothes means more attention on our hair, which should keep its shape in the face of the heat and humidity. While taking a dip in the ocean gives your hair a wet n’ […]

BENCH MEETS: Kiana Valenciano

It’s tempting to accuse Kiana Valenciano of coasting on her dad’s fame, hallowed be his name in entertainment. She doesn’t make it easy for us, however. It turns out Mr. Pure Energy’s daughter is Miss Pure Effortlessness. There’s the obvious sense of style she documents on her blog, making a plain tank top look simply elegant […]

Lost Boys

It’s too hot to stay still. With the sun beating down, there’s no better time to hit the road and head out into the wild. But what route to take? As B/BLOG shows, there’s no wrong way when you’re with the right company—or wearing the right clothes. In this case, ruggedly cool outfitting and accessories […]