It seems anyone can win social media these days. With photo-editing apps and the option to schedule posts to primetime, “likes” come pretty cheap. A greater victory in today’s viral world? Keeping your mystery amid all the over-sharing. An Estrada is one half of a duo that’s managed mystique despite a massive online following. Though […]

Lessons in Body Language

A body talks loud and clear when it’s stripped of its layers. Advocating bodily self-expression, BENCH launches the #BenchBodyLanguage campaign on Instagram. To kick off (rather, heat up) the hashtag, B/BLOG captured a few fine specimens fluent in body language. Whether it’s cookie crafter Kate Bautista’s declaration of hunger or Aussie footballer Evan Spargo’s ballsy […]


Having a grandfather who took Cory Aquino’s presidential photo sure helped in Kimi Juan’s decision to pursue photography. Still, she was drawn to subjects with even grander personalities—ones she found in places rather than people. By turning her lens toward landscapes and locales, the 21-year-old has amassed quite the following. Indeed, many eyes have traveled […]